Should your church have a website?

A Web Site is Affordable and Easy to Create
A Web Site will Promote your Church and Proclaim the Gospel
A Web Site Will Extend your Ministry

What are the advantages of having a church website?

It allows potential visitors or those searching for a church to learn a lot about us before committing to a visit. We’ve had a number of visitors and even new members tell us the site helped them decide to come to the church.

It offers a single, accessible, persistent source for most church information. The site is always there, can be accessed by anyone (who has internet access), and is kept current, unlike other paper communications. Communications can be posted more quickly than mailings, though they can’t be relied upon to reach nearly everyone.

It is useful in recruiting staff. Paid print ads can be short (i.e. inexpensive) but can reference the website for that additional information. Similarly, listings on internet job seeker sites can link back. Also, prospective applicants can learn about us before committing to an application

It can facilitate communications between members and with others using various online aids such as email lists, discussion forums, posting sections, etc.

It can help build your youth as a community. With a strong youth ministry section, your youth can have a way to not only keep up with what’s going on, but to communicate with you and with each other during the week.


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