Create your own PDFs — without spending a fortune!

Create your own PDFs — without spending a fortune!

PDF files are everywhere these days.  It used to be that if you wanted to create a PDF document you had to purchase Acrobat Writer from Adobe, but now anyone can do this for free!

The benefit of PDF files is that no mater what program was used to create the document (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Firefox, etc), once it has been converted to the PDF file format, it can be opened and read, even if the persons reading it do not have the software used to create it.  So, no longer will you have to use Word to open the file because it was created in Word.

There are a couple of freeware or opensource PDF creator programs that are available to download from of the internet.  My personal favorite for home use and for offices with less than 10 people is BullZip PDF Printer (

In order to use Bullzip, download the installation package and the light weight Ghostscript distribution package (both are found on the page linked to above).  Next, installed the Ghostscript package, followed by the Bullzip package, and then reboot your computer.  After this is done, you will find that you have a new printer named Bullzip PDF Printer.

When you want to create a PDF document, select Bullzip PDF Printer as your printer and print your document.  A new window will open asking where you would like to save your newly created PDF document (click on the … to open a file/folder browser window) and what you would like to name it.  Then click Save.  That’s it.  You’ve created a PDF file! 

The other package for offices with more that 10 people is PDF Creator ( PDF Creator does the same thing as BullZip PDF Printer, only the licensing allows for use anywhere, even in larger commercial applications.

Both packages are great, so which ever you chose, it will be a winner! 


Keith Graber


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