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Preparing  for Tomorrow:  Help plant seeds for tomorrow by using today’s tools. The Bible is full of analogies of “seeds”, and a carefully crafted website can help pave the way for generations to come.

Blogs: When a church blogs, they are doing a service to its members. Blogging is an act of providing people with helpful information in a reliable, friendly, and interactive way.

Sermons: A sermon is relevant beyond Sunday, and people are turning to the web to listen to sermon audios, watch sermon videos, download sermon podcasts, or read sermon transcripts.

Giving Online: As people become comfortable with online transactions, churches can offer safe and easy methods of giving to fit each member’s preference.

Events: Schedule an event, check the availability of the church, and coordinate schedules with easy event scheduling and online calendars.

Podcasts: With ipods in the hands of so many people, why not provide meaningful podcasts as a healthy alternative? Creating podcasts is fast and easy to do with the right tool.

Outreach: One of the challenges of mission outreach is effectively communicating the “cause”. Sharing information in a timely manner and educating people is a huge step toward making a difference in the lives of others.

Audio: Post audio online instantly. People can listen online or download and burn audio files to a CD. 

Gallery: No doubt about it. People love photos. With photos already in digital format, this tool is so easy to use.

Daily Bible Devotions and Readings: Bible verses can be dynamically pulled and posted to your website without any time or work involved.

Events: The content editing tool is intuitive, and it allows you to post current news and events on your website as often as you’d like. Feature it in a prominent place that will garner lots of attention, and your news will quickly become a bookmarked page by members.

Video: When it’s easy and hassle-free to add video to your website, you’ll find all kinds of video to post for members to watch. People appreciate this option, similar to providing video to local cable access.

Maps: People rely on online maps to get where they are going. Give people up-to-date maps and instructions to easy find the church and events.

RSS Feeds: RSS Feeds means interested members get information instantly. This permission based tool is growing in popularity as people come to rely on RSS Feeds to give them what they requested.

Newsletters and Flyers: Post forms and documents for others to access, while reducing printing and mailing costs.