Foxit Reader, a lightweight alternative to Adobe PDF Reader

Foxit Reader, a lightweight alternative to Adobe PDF Reader

With the PDF file format in wide spread use these days, we need a program to view them.  In the past, Acorbat Reader was the logical choice, after all, Acrobat created the file format to begin with.  My issue with Acrobat Reader is it’s size… it’s rather large size.  To download Acrobat Reader, you need to have over 20meg of space (that’s 20 of the old 3 ½ floppy disks we use to use!) , and over 128meg of hard drive space after installing it! 

There are many alternative PDF readers, but the one I like is Foxit PDF Reader (  With a download size of about 2meg, and an install size of just under 6meg, (that’s 21 times smaller that Acrobat 8.1.3!) it does just about everything that Acrobat Reader does.  Unless you are a very advanced user, you will not miss anything.

Here is the link to  download Foxit PDF Reader (  Foxit Software has recently started offering the Pro Version for free if you complete a offer from one of their associates, or you can download the free version without any further obligations.  I use the free version.

I’ve been using Foxit for over a year now and haven’t regretted the switch!




Keith Graber