Do we need a church website?

Attract Visitors & Seekers

Your web site is your new front door a way for those wanting to find out more about your mission and ministry. Whether finding service times and directions, trying to understand more about your church, or the experience of your message and community, your web site will be the first place they look! Many expect a church to have a website and shy away from churches that don’t.

Energize Your Congregation

When a church gets a new website the self esteem of that church goes up. Your congregation will be able to serve and grow by making it easier for them to stay in touch with the community. Your web site will make it easier for them to do such things as connect with a small group, find services dates and times,   and much, much more.

Accessible, Relevant, and Current Information

Content is easily updated by staff and leaders from a web based editor so your web site is never stale or out of date. Advertisements in papers and in phone books becomes out of date very quickly.


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