Some thoughts on Pastors who blog

Develop  Associations. A blog is basically an opportunity to exchange ideas and interact with those of similar interests. Blogging encourages feedback, questions, and discussions where everyone feels free to share. Pastors find blogs helpful, they begin to appreciate and comprehend what’s going on with those they’re trying to get in touch with.

Embracing the common. You don’t need a masterpiece. Blogs support posts about everyday experiences and help others to center on the important parts of everyday life.

Pastors are like the rest of us. Pastors have the opportunity to share their persona, wit, and passions. A pastor can be seen as someone who loves to help, write and visit.

Contact the lost. It often is very difficult to attract people to church; blogging is a different story. Many are in search of answers and are comfortable doing so blogging. The fact is: blogs are within society accepted.

Outside the stain glass. Blogs as available world-wide and a pastor can gain a following independent of the local congregation. While many members may subscribe to the blog there is an opportunity for new subscribers from beyond the church.

Many want help and advice. Confusion reigns, advertisements and untrustworthy sources are the norm of the day. Clergy are often in a situation where they can recommend literature, studies, counsel, and behaviors that will help others. Blogging is a wonderful way to exchange helpful recommendations.

A diversion. Blogging can provide an opportunity to decompress and a great way to release emotions and express feelings.

It is a process. Writing for a blog can help you organize your thoughts.  Without a time schedule blogging provides an opportunity to journal thoughts.

Virtual benefits. Blogging is concerned with substance and the interactive experience. Personal interaction can be distracted by appearance, first impressions and even mannerisms.