Facebook Tips

Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts: A Statistical Review
Buddy Media Platform

  • Keep it short and sweet.  Shorter posts have a higher engagement rate.
  • Avoid URL Shorteners. Full URLs have higher engagement rates.  With a shortened URL there is no indication where the link goes & users may be less likely to click.
  • Post When People Are Listening. Posting outside of business hours can increase engagement rates.  Think about it – would you be engaging in personal posts during work hours?
    • In General
      • Thursdays & Fridays = highest engagement rates
      • Wednesday = lowest engagement rates
      • Saturday & Sunday = above average engagement rates
    • For Healthcare
      • Thursday = highest engagement rates for health-care & beauty industries
  • Give Simple, Clear Instructions. Fans will follow instructions.  Be direct by asking people to “like” you.  Ask fans to “post”, “comment”, or “tell” you something.
    • To Get Likes.  Use words: like, take, submit, watch, post, comment.
    • To Get Comments. Use words: post, comment, tell us, check, like, submit.
  • Ask Questions at the End.  Posts that end with a question (remember to be direct) have a higher engagement rate.
    • Where, When, Would, Should.  These words drive the highest engagement rates.
    • Avoid Why.  Why questions have the lowest “like” and comment rates, and may be perceived as intrusive and/or challenging.

16 Ways to Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page
John Haydon

  • Ask Specific Questions. Specificity will get more comments.
  • Ask Yes or No Questions.  Yes or no: Are you more likely to answer “yes or no” questions, or open-ended ones that require time and attention? Point given.
  • Ask edgy questions.  Edgy questions draw more attention and engagement.
  • Ask questions about a photo.  Share a photo and ask fans to comment.
  • Ask fun questions.  Don’t be afraid to go off topic a little bit – show them you are human and not just “the government”.  However, don’t go overboard – we are still a federal agency.
  • Ask who attended an event.  Did you just hold a Welcome Home Event? Ask your fans if they attended (and maybe what they thought about it).
  • Ask for tip.  Ask for tips to improve your program / facility.
  • Ask humanistic questions.  Example: “When you were first recovering from a brain aneurysm, what gave you the most hope?”
  • Stay Away From Risky Questions.  Questions that could get people to release PHI / PII should be avoided.  There are many identity thieves using Facebook that would love to get these responses.