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Mashable: How to Develop Customer Evangelists – “With a critical mass of evangelists, you can succeed in unimaginable ways. Companies like Apple and Amazon are proof of this. Netflix also enjoys evangelists (Remember how evangelists are forgiving? If they weren’t, Netflix would be out of business). So, if you want to develop the kind of evangelists that stick by your side through thick and thin, here are three critical steps.”


techPresident: In Mortgage-Debt Fight, Activists Look Online to Get the White House Involved – A We the People petition calling on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to issue principal reductions for underwater homeowners — and for the head of the regulatory agency overseeing them to allow it or to “step aside” — has reached the 25,000 signature threshold at which the White House promises to respond.


Mashable: Why Apple’s CEO Is Right About ‘Refrigerator-Toasters’ — and Laptop-Tablets – “Answering a question about whether an Apple tablet-laptop hybrid is inevitable, Cook said convergence shouldn’t be done for convergence’s sake. Then, to illustrate his point, Cook appeared to take the first two kitchen appliances that popped into his head.”


GigaOM: Should the NYT charge for early access to the news? — The New York Times recently ran an exclusive exposé about Walmart and bribery allegations in Mexico, a story that helped to shave about $16 billion from the retailing giant’s market value over the past few days.


Mashable: How Social Media Is Changing Sports [INFOGRAPHIC] How To Turn Your Digital Thought Leadership Into Business Development – “You made the move. You invested heavily to put your thought leadership online. Now you’re wondering what happened to all of the cost savings and audience growth you were promised. Don’t blame digital.”


MarketingProfs: ‘Customer Experience’ Is the Catchphrase for 2012 – “Customer experience is about meeting customer needs, about choosing and using certain words, about aligning touch points, and about creating relationships. To create a memorable and fulfilling customer experience, you need to get into the weeds to understand what customers want and expect, and then deliver that. The ultimate goal is to inspire loyalty.”


Los Angeles Times: FCC wants to put political ad data online; broadcasters balk – Even though such information is already technically public, broadcasters fear that putting that level of detail on the Internet will undermine their own businesses.


techPresident: New America Foundation Scales Up Open Technology Efforts The New America Foundation today announced the launch of the Open Technology Institute, billed as a center for impartial research, open discourse, innovative fieldwork, and new tech development related to the issues of Internet freedom and open technology. It’s a scaling-up of the foundation’s Open Technology Initiative, which did more or less the same thing.