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MarketingProfs: Six Ways to Prepare Your Brand for Social Media’s Visual Revolution – “As social media continues to evolve, one reality is coming into focus: Brands are becoming more visual. One indication is the emergence of new kids on the block, such as the image-driven social network Pinterest. Another is the recent updates to more established social platforms, such as Facebook’s Timeline. What’s clear is that brands without a solid visual vocabulary will be left behind.”


Mashable: Major League Baseball Uncorks a Social Media Homer – “Can Major League Baseball pitch a perfect season with social media? The league is taking impressive steps to beef up its social presence and engagement with fans this year.”


techPresident: Tumblr Gets a Director of Outreach for Causes and Politics – Liba Rubenstein recently became Tumblr’s new director of outreach for causes and politics after spending the last several years at News Corp, most recently as director of their Global Energy Initiative. Rubenstein was previously MySpace’s public affairs coordinator, and managed MySpace’s causes and politics channels, before taking on her role in corporate social responsibility at News Corp.


Mashable: MLB Fan Cave: The Core Of Major League Baseball’s Social Strategy – “The MLB Fan Cave is a shrine to Major League Baseball in downtown New York City, decked out in baseball memorabilia, quirky artwork with high-tech touches, and televisions — lots of televisions. The Fan Cave, and the people in it, are at the very core of Major League Baseball’s social media strategy.”


AllthingsDTime Inc. Hearst, Conde Nast, Meredith Launch “Netflix For Magazines”  —  Remember Next Issue Media, the “Hulu for Digital Magazines” consortium made up of the biggest names in publishing?  It has finally delivered something worth talking about: Call it Netflix for Magazines.


Mashable: Global Internet Slowdown: Is Anonymous to Blame? – “Anonymous is claiming responsibility for a cyberattack against Chinese websites — one that may also be having an impact on Internet speeds across the world.” Seven Metrics to Prove Marketing’s Worth – “At the heart of the problem is the lack of meaningful corporate marketing metrics. CMOs don’t lack for data, but many fail to turn those numbers into information that’s valuable in the business context”


Mashable: How One Non-Profit Aims to Create Open-Source Government – “As a non-partisan, non-profit organization, the Sunlight Foundation is taking the ethos found among the open-source software movement and applying it to government. It’s one goal is to publish the government’s public data in an easy-to-access location, at no cost to users. Unlike similar services, its data is free. The foundation says its work is for the benefit of concerned citizens and investigative journalists.”


DataXU:Marketing in the Digital Age Whitepaper (download) – “most marketers believe data-driven marketing enables better understanding of their customers, but 78% admit they don’t adequately use the available customer data.”


Mashable: 8 Tips To Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence – “This is why brands need a YouTube game plan that covers all aspects of the brand channel, including aesthetic, video content, and comment moderation. Below are eight tips for creating such a plan and turning your brand’s YouTube channel into a video hotspot.”