Talks Facebook, Future of Google Media News


Mashable: Google CEO Larry Page on Charlie Rose — Talks Facebook, Future of Google – “Google CEO Larry Page talks Facebook, Oracle and the future of Google in an interview airing Monday night on Charlie Rose.”


Mashable:What You Can Learn From Zynga’s Cool Company Culture [PICS] – “Mashable took a tour of Zynga, a wildly popular distributor of some of the most played social and mobile games. When it comes to perks, the father of FarmVille doesn’t skimp. In fact, Zynga’s office is so loaded with perks and amenities; it would make working from home a bore.”


Mashable:Ecommerce in China: How the World’s Biggest Market Buys Online – “Online retail generated $121 billion in sales in China last year, up 66% from 2010, according to Barclays Capital. The size of China’s ecommerce market is expected to more than triple over the next three years, with sales reaching $420 billion by 2015. That’s 20% more than what the U.S.’s ecommerce market is forecast to bring in that year.”


PoynterNPR creates news applications team as part of strategy for ‘multimedia audio’  —  NPR announced to staff Monday that it is creating a team to build news applications and has hired the Chicago Tribune’s Brian Boyer to lead it.  The announcement represents a big bet on news applications.


Mashable: Why Digital Accelerates Political Change – “While this mindset is completely understandable, it seems we’ve forgotten the most important lesson from the past twenty years of Internet experience: Profound change is within our grasp if we are able to make the intellectual connection between the power digital provides us and our political aspirations as a community.”


Open Forum: Ready, Set, Research! [VIDEO] – “When most people think of market research, they typically envision a large company with a big budget. What do you do if you’re a small company with no budget, and you have an idea you want to test before launching? Sharpen your pencils and get ready to take notes on how you can master the art of market research on the cheap.”


Business Insider: EXCLUSIVE: Here’s The Inside Story Of What Happened On The Facebook IPO  — And now for some more bombshell news about the Facebook IPO. Earlier, we reported that the analysts at Facebook’s IPO underwriters had cut their estimates for the company in the middle of the IPO roadshow, a highly unusual and negative event.


Mashable:The Best U.S. Cities for Tech Jobs Might Surprise You [VIDEO] – “Are you a fan of lush, green surroundings and rain more than half the year? Seattle topped Forbes‘ list of places where tech jobs are growing. And not just tech jobs, but all of the STEM field — science, technology, engineering and math. Forbes tapped the Praxis Strategy Group to create a system to rank areas of the U.S. where the technology sector has experienced growth to provide a possible look into the future.”


VentureBeatGoogle+ wants to be your new Flickr  —  Google+ is succeeding in small bursts, feature by feature.  As a social network competing with Facebook it’s a flop, but its video-chat tool Hangouts is a winner.  Now photo sharing is poised to be the service’s next breakout hit.