5 Hidden Features of Facebook Media News

Search Engine Land: Goodbye Google+ People & Pages, Hello Knowledge Graph Box – “Google’s Knowledge Graph has claimed its first “victim,” if you will: The content box that showed “People and Pages On Google+” is gone. In its place? A variety of Knowledge Graph-related content that will show up differently depending on the search query.”


Mashable: New Facebook Integration Shows What Your Friends Are Learning – “The Pinterest-like website for learning that the founders of Grockit launched Thursday now has a Facebook integration that shows your friends what you’re learning. Learnist, the newly launched product, allows anyone to compile content pieces onto a board (they call it a “learning”) that may look familiar. Unlike Pinterest, however, creators suggest a path in which to consume each content component. Users can check off each component as they go or “re-add” it to one of their own learnings.”


Social Media Today: Facebook Promotions: Know the Rules – “Running contests on Facebook is a major source of confusion amongst Facebook Page owners. Facebook terms are a little unclear and many Businesses have no clue at all about the rules they need to follow. By breaking Facebook Terms, you run the risk of having Facebook shut down your Business Page.  Make sure you’re familiar with all the rules.”


Mashable:Motorola Under Google: 3 Possible Futures – “But in the same note, Page says it’s replacing Motorola’s CEO with a “longtime Googler” and several other key executives will be replaced as well. Google appears to have big plans for Motorola Mobility, but given that newbie CEO Dennis Woodside doesn’t have a strong history in telecommunications (he began his career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, according to his LinkedIn profile) or Android, it’s unclear what those plans are. I see three possibilities:”


Social Media Today: Social Metrics: Market to the Head? Impossible. – “Newsflash: In case you haven’t heard, social marketing is not just about likes, shares and mentions anymore. The ways that brands promote and engage via social media is evolving and so are the ways to measure key metrics and ROI—and with more and better tools on the market, it’s getting faster and easier to acquire data.”


Fox News: Is this the next Facebook? Microsoft unveils social network – “Microsoft has quietly launched its own social network — but the company swears it isn’t a Facebook competitor.”


Mashable:Yahoo’s Axis and Two Other Stories You Need to Know  – “Yahoo Launches Web Browser Axis to Mixed Reviews, FBI Launches Online Surveillance Unit [REPORT], LG LS860: New LG Smartphone With a QWERTY Keyboard Leaks”


techPresident: Changing Winds for Open Data at the National Weather Service – “The National Weather Service is going to update its weather alerts for the 21st century.Weather data has long been held up as a prime example of how government data can spur private enterprise, as an entire industry has evolved to interpret and package meteorological data coming from government sources. Now, the Weather Service is updating how it offers up that data for a next-generation weather industry.”


Mashable:Obama Answers Twitter Questions Himself – “President Barack Obama is no stranger to Twitter; he held his first Town Hall on the microblogging network, at the White House, complete with Master of Ceremonies Jack Dorsey, just under a year ago. But that was easy — Obama got as much time and space as he wanted to answer the questions posed on Twitter. How about the president replying in tweet form, in real time? Thursday, with his reelection campaign getting into gear, Obama decided to respond to a few questions via Twitter while in Iowa — and this time, it was his fingers on the keys.” How Internet Users Spend Time Online [infographic] – “The folks at show some of the amazing numbers that provide a snapshot of how people spend their time online.  The average Internet user spends around: 22% of their time on social networking sites, 21% on searches (Google gets 1 billion search queries a day!), 20% on reading content and 19% on emails and communication.”


Mashable:Bubble Robots Move Using Lasers [VIDEO] – “This isn’t your typical artificial intelligence robot, but scientists at the University of Hawaii have created bubble “robots” that can be directed using lasers. They hope to use the bubble robots to build micro-structures. And once the bubble bots are no longer of use, they can be popped.” (way to go NIST!)


B To B Online: Social media marketing surges, legacy channels impacted – “Social media, initially a curiosity, is an increasingly important avenue for marketing interaction between marketers’ brands and their customers and prospects, according to a new study from BtoB. The study also contains a number of surprises about which platforms are favored by marketers and social’s impact on legacy channels.”


Mashable: In-App Ads: Balancing the Needs of Advertisers and Publishers – “In Mashable‘s new video series, Behind the Launch, we’re taking cameras behind the scenes at Vungle, an in-app video advertising startup. New episodes air every Monday and Wednesday, but we’re running bonus footage throughout the series to provide a deeper look into the startup experience. This week, Vungle hired David Oh as director of business development. Now, David and Colin Behr — who joined Vungle as “the closer” a few weeks ago — are fleshing out the business model and forecasting revenues for Vungle.”


Business Insider: This 21-Year-Old May Have Cracked The Future Of Mobile Advertising – “In a nutshell, Kiip’s banners appear in a mobile game once a user completes a level. The ad offers the user a reward for their gaming success: a free bottle of Propel, for instance, was offered by Pepsi inside the MapMyFitness app for every eight miles run by a user.”


MarketingProfs: Four Tips for Subject-Line Success – “Even experienced email marketers agonize over subject lines—polishing, editing, tweaking, and perfecting 50-character phrases until they’re just right. After all, a single word can make the difference between a subscriber’s indifference and interest. So how do you get recipients to open your messages? In this post at Mass Transmit, Anthony Schneider outlines eight rules for creating better subject lines.” After Almost 20 Years Of Banner Ads, Who Is Clicking? – “Internet users have been presented with banner ads for nearly 20 years, but who’s clicking them and who’s not. A new infographic from Prestige Marketing reveals some insights on who clicks ads and the reasons many don’t click.”


Social Media Today: Social Media Is Taking Over Search & SEO – “How strong of a role does social media play in search and SEO? There are still many B2B companies not participating in social media. It doesn’t help our sales effort, we cannot quantify it, our target doesn’t use it and the list goes on. I would argue that without participation in social media your SEO and search effort is working at 50%. If you think sophisticated audiences aren’t using social, then think again. Over 5 million high networth investors use LinkedIn. According to a Hubspot 2011 survey of 611 advisors, 61% said they had landed a new client directly from LinkedIn.”


Social Media Today: 5 Hidden Features of Facebook – “It’s a little like Facebook’s version of the Easter egg extra you can find in a DVD of one of your favorite movies. Only instead of getting inside director’s jokes that you might not have known otherwise, these features are here to make the experience of having a profile on Facebook one you can customize deeper while still protecting the privacy of. And that’s saying a lot considering that not every Facebook user has yet to convert their home page to the timeline and tailor it to fit their professional and personal needs.”