Social Media: Millions on Facebook?

USAToday:What can we learn from Angry Birds? In studying the benefits of video games, the White House is finding video games make an exceptional tool for teaching a huge array of skills and content.


Mashable: How Social Media Could Improve Public Safety – “To understand the spectrum of social media applicability and the challenges it poses to public safety, it’s helpful to think how the public safety context is different than traditional social media usage. First, public safety is event or incident-driven, whether for prevention, reaction or investigation. Second, public safety is really a unique form of customer service in which the expectation of service is very high, everyone expects to receive the same level of service, regardless of his frequency of use or willingness to pay for it, and the cost of failure can be astronomical.”


DealbookThose Millions on Facebook? Some May Not Actually Visit – On the first page of Facebook’s prospectus for its sale of stock to the public, it pegs the number of its “monthly active users” at a whopping 845 million people. The social networking site arrives at an even more astounding number when it comes to “daily active users”: 483 million people. Those are some huge numbers. If it is hard to believe that so many people are clicking on every day, that’s because well, they aren’t, exactly. Those eye-popping numbers should have an asterisk next to them.


Mashable:Want People to Return Your Emails? Avoid These Words [INFOGRAPHIC]


Mashable: Marketers Who Share Content Drive Traffic, Gain Customers [INFOGRAPHIC] Spreading unique, helpful bits within the industry or with consumers creates brand awareness, new customers and client loyalty.


Business Insider: LinkedIn Just Hit 150 Million Registered Users – LinkedIn now has more than 150 million registered users, the company announced today. LinkedIn adds around 10 new members every 5 seconds, according to LinkedIn’s senior vice president of product Deep Nishar.