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Mashable: Marketers: What Mobile Users Will and Won’t Put Up With [INFOGRAPHIC]


Mashable: KickStumbler, a StumbleUpon for Kickstarter, Will Steal Your Day – “A new website called KickStumbler  plays up the entertainment value of Kickstarter projects by applying a StumbleUpon concept to them. Users can hit a button on the site’s toolbar in order to see a new random project. They can also choose to Stumble within specific categories or keep it to video only.”


Forbes:Why Pinterest Trumps Facebook at Social Commerce, For Now – Pinterest shows that if your business is selling stuff, a social network of stuff beats a social network of people.


Mashable:38 Million Americans Visit Social Networks on Mobile Devices ‘Near Daily’ [STUDY] – “A full 38.2 million people use social networks on their phones or tablets on a “near daily” basis, according to the report. What exactly are they doing? Reading updates from friends, the study says, with 84.6% of mobile social networkers checking out “posts from people known personally.” Posting status updates was the second most popular activity, with 73.6% of users partaking. It’s important to note comScore counts reading blogs as social networking.”


Convince and Convert: 4 Mistakes You Make When Posting Video on Your BlogHere are four common mistakes we’ve seen along with some tips to help ensure that you make the most out of a video on your blog post.


The Hill: Social media monitoring is critical for government operations – The value of social media monitoring extends far beyond the important but niche domain of monitoring terrorist chatter online


HubSpot: How to Customize Your Social Updates for Facebook and Twitter – While efficiency is important, it should never be at the expense of quality content and relevant social media posts.


Pew Internet: Privacy management on social media sites – “Some 67% of women who maintain a profile say they have deleted people from their network, compared with 58% of men. Likewise, young adults are more active unfrienders when compared with older users.”


techPresident: The Problem with Crowdsourced Legislation – “But as a platform Madison is flawed. It is a platform designed without paying enough attention to the lessons learned and best practices developed by those already within the social web space. What its designers overlooked is that collaborative consultation online is merely a political application of already existing social web interactions.” 8 Ways To Measure Return On PR Investments – “Key Indicators of ROI. PR measurements will never be as neat and tidy as the metrics that are deployed in other areas of the organization. But return on PR investments can be measured and quantified through the evaluation of key indicators:”