Social Media News

PR Daily News Feed: 12 Types of Facebook updates to avoid. Much has been written about annoying social media habits, but some people—and brands—continue to make mistakes on Twitter and Facebook.


PR Daily News Feed: The top 10 reasons people unfollow and unlike brands. Breaking up isn’t always hard to do.  In fact, when it comes to breaking up with a brand, some people find it quite easy.


Health Care News Feed: Internal social media boots the bottom line You know it’s important for a company to interact with its customers on social media, but should companies connect with employees through internal social media, too?


Health Care News Feed: Google+ Find: Hospital shares inspirational volunteer story.  See how MD Anderson Cancer Center used Google+, its blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to show how an 83-year-old volunteer touched young lives for 35 years.


TMDailyPostHouston Hospital Tweets an Open-heart Surgery Doctors at Memorial Hermann Northwest in Houston tweeted open-heart surgery, with more than one hundred tweets, photos, and videos.


Atlantic: What the Army Is Doing on Pinterest– After discovering that the United States Army had a profile on Pinterest, we talked to the Army’s social media operation to get some insight into what made them jump on the latest Internet trend.


Ooyala:Video Viewing Habits — People press play more often on a smartphone—but they watch videos longer on their gaming consoles or TV. Watching videos online doubled in the fourth quarter of last year for mobile, tablets and gaming consoles.


Mashable: 10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers – “Here are 10 tips to help bloggers navigate the increasingly complex world of social media — while still making time to write content.”


Mashable:The Quick and Dirty Guide to Tumblr for Small Business – “As with any other platform, there are pros and cons  to consider. But with the popularity of Tumblr and the ease of setting up, customizing and maintaining your blog, we suggest you at least check it out — there’s a very engaged Tumblr audience waiting to see your content. Here are some tips to help you get started.”


Mashable:Spreadsheets Help Analyze Social Media Use – Five, free spreadsheets that can help track your social media tools.


The VergePinterest’suneasy relationship with copyright law: what happens next – Pinterest is unquestionably among today’s hottest new startups — the social networking service lets users “pin” images they like on the web to boards they can share with friends and publish to the world at large.


Mashable: Flickr Gets a Makeover, Looks Like Pinterest – “Flickr will be rolling out a number of changes in the coming months, beginning with a new photo stream design, Justified View, and a new uploading feature, Uploadr.”


Mashable: Why are Brands Shutting Their Facebook Stores? – “Eager to monetize the large followings they had built on Facebook, many large brands set up shop on the social network for the first time last year. Now many of those Facebook stores are closing.”