Social Media News Slide Show: Key Findings From The SoDA Report: 2012 – “The fourth annual SoDA Report offers an array of perspectives and insights from some of the most influential thinkers in the digital-marketing world. For example, the findings provide evidence of the conservative yet steady growth of digital-marketing spend, including social-media activities and explosive growth of inbound marketing—suggesting ongoing agency relationship changes and increased demand for digital talent. And that’s just for starters.”


Mashable: The Radical Growth of the App Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]


EContent: Getting Gamified: Publishers Score Big With Online Games – “As acceptance of and familiarity with game mechanisms within online social networks and on entertainment sites increase, games are popping up on once-static web properties as a means of captivating audiences, enhancing market research, and stimulating conversation between companies and customers.”


Mashable: How to Defeat the Social Media Skeptics in Your Company – “For those trying to get a social media campaign going in their company, they’ll often have to deal with naysayers that question the value. Former Kodak CMO Jeff Hayzlett says dealing with the non-believer is all part of “running the gauntlet.” He believes it so strongly that he even wrote a book with the same title that promises to teach people how to push forward with their social media dreams.”


Slashgear: AOL kills Instant Messenger – Likely the very first non-email application you ever used to speak with your friends and relatives is about to be shut down for good, AOL Instant Messanger, aka AIM, has been all but slashed entirely from the AOL family.


Mashable: AIM: AOL Instant Messenger Isn’t Dead … Yet – “AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM, is alive and well — for now, at least. Despite laying off nearly all its AIM developers Tuesday, AOL says it has no plans to kill off the 15-year old instant messaging service.”


techPresident: The White House’s First 40 Days – “Brook Colangelo, the Chief Information Officer of the Executive Office of the President, realized shortly after President Obama’s inauguration that the current IT assets “were in pretty bad shape.” ComputerWorld reports  on Colangelo’s realization that early in his tenure at the White House that over 82% of “White House’s technology had reached the end of life.” Among a myriad of other tech problems, within the first 40 days the administration’s email was down 23% of the time. In the article, Colangelo describes a number of particularly difficult events during his tenure as CIO, but many ended with positive outcomes that would help to alleviate future issues.”