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Mashable:Twitter Engineer Builds Tool for Event Backchannels – “A new tool makes Twitter a better backchannel for events and panels. Bill Couch, a software engineer at Twitter, demoed the new tool at SXSW on Friday during the “Design from the Gut” panel. Panels often use a Twitter hashtag as a way to accept audience-submitted questions. The problem, however, is that these tweets from panel attendees show up in all of their followers feeds — whether or not those followers care about the panel.”


Poynter: Visualized: Incorrect information travels farther, faster on Twitter than corrections  —  Many times on Twitter I’ve witnessed what I call The Law of Incorrect Tweets: … The goal should be to make the correction as viral as the mistake.  But that’s a challenge, and Tuesday at Harvard’s Truthiness …


Mashable: 10 Innovative Uses of Facebook Timeline for Brands – “Several companies have already hopped on the Timeline bandwagon — some are making cool use of the cover photos  — but is that really all there is to Timeline? Of course not. There are tons of cool ways to make use of Timeline’s new features, whether you’re a large business or small.” Many Devices, So Many Opportunities – We are juggling our devices more than ever, and posting on them simultaneously! Cross-platform consumption is increasing rapidly as people use different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to consume content, according to the GlobalWebIndex.  To develop strategies that cross platforms in government: Think content types, not media and budget for content


Mashable: Everything Your Employees Need to Know About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Meet More Execs with Internal Social Networks – Do you know what your coworkers are doing? If your organization uses enterprise social networking, you do. ESN’s are internal tools riffing off Twitter and Facebook-type platforms. The instant messaging, photo and document sharing and other “put it on the wall” activities  increase collaboration among employees across the organization, according to the Altimeter Group study “Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networking.”


Mashable: Chat With Guy Kawasaki: What’s the Meaning of SXSW? [VIDEO] Create Custom Social Streams with Storify – Through all the muddled mass sharing in social media, you can actually decide what is most important and share the highlights with your audience. Here’s how: Government organizations are using Storify to save the best of their social media content and to emphasize key content. Storify’s curation tool enables you to pull tweets, video or other types of user-generated content into a social story stream.