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Another Week of Top Posts

Another Week of Top Posts

We like to bring the awesome early in the month:

Top Blog Posts of the Year 2013

Top Blog Posts of the Year 2013

A New Years email wouldn’t be complete without a ‘top 10’ list!

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Social Media News

Mashable:Twitter Engineer Builds Tool for Event Backchannels – “A new tool makes Twitter a better backchannel for events and panels. Bill Couch, a software engineer at Twitter, demoed the new tool at SXSW on Friday during the “Design from the Gut” panel. Panels often use a Twitter hashtag as a way to accept audience-submitted questions. The problem, however, is that these tweets from panel attendees show up in all of their followers feeds — whether or not those followers care about the panel.”


Poynter: Visualized: Incorrect information travels farther, faster on Twitter than corrections  —  Many times on Twitter I’ve witnessed what I call The Law of Incorrect Tweets: … The goal should be to make the correction as viral as the mistake.  But that’s a challenge, and Tuesday at Harvard’s Truthiness …


Mashable: 10 Innovative Uses of Facebook Timeline for Brands – “Several companies have already hopped on the Timeline bandwagon — some are making cool use of the cover photos  — but is that really all there is to Timeline? Of course not. There are tons of cool ways to make use of Timeline’s new features, whether you’re a large business or small.” Many Devices, So Many Opportunities – We are juggling our devices more than ever, and posting on them simultaneously! Cross-platform consumption is increasing rapidly as people use different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to consume content, according to the GlobalWebIndex.  To develop strategies that cross platforms in government: Think content types, not media and budget for content


Mashable: Everything Your Employees Need to Know About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Meet More Execs with Internal Social Networks – Do you know what your coworkers are doing? If your organization uses enterprise social networking, you do. ESN’s are internal tools riffing off Twitter and Facebook-type platforms. The instant messaging, photo and document sharing and other “put it on the wall” activities  increase collaboration among employees across the organization, according to the Altimeter Group study “Making the Business Case for Enterprise Social Networking.”


Mashable: Chat With Guy Kawasaki: What’s the Meaning of SXSW? [VIDEO] Create Custom Social Streams with Storify – Through all the muddled mass sharing in social media, you can actually decide what is most important and share the highlights with your audience. Here’s how: Government organizations are using Storify to save the best of their social media content and to emphasize key content. Storify’s curation tool enables you to pull tweets, video or other types of user-generated content into a social story stream.

Social Media News

Mashable:Gowalla Is Officially Shut Down – “Three months after its acquisition by Facebook, Gowalla has officially shut down.  Gowalla was a location-based check-in service that directly rivaled foursquare. Both Gowalla and foursquare launched at SXSW in 2009.  Three years later during SXSW 2012, the plug has officially been pulled on Gowalla’s service.”


Posterous: Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter – “Big news: Posterous has been acquired by Twitter! The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who share our vision for making sharing simpler.”


Mashable: What Men and Women Really Want, According to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


SmartBlogs: Live from #SXSW: How to become a powerful visual storyteller – Brand stories are no longer limited to blobs of text on “About Us” pages. Social media has given brands a platform to relay their story in multiple ways and to various audiences. At a recent South By Southwest Interactive Festival Panel, Becky Johns, CC Chapman, Charlie Wollborg and Karl Gude, spoke to educate the audience on how to build a visual storyboard that benefits their brands; in essence, how to not just tell a story, but how to tell a good story.


Mashable: Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Patents – “Yahoo on Monday made good on its promise to sue Facebook, alleging in a complaint that Facebook violated 10 patents.”


techPresident: Justin Herman To Be A Social Media Lead At General Services Administration – “Managers at federal agencies in charge of developing those agencies’ social media presence are getting a new coach.”


Mashable: Shoppers Prefer Using Mobile Web Over Retail Apps – “Shoppers would rather visit a retailer’s mobile website over using a branded app, according to a new study. A report released by Nielsen Wire on Monday found that retail websites are more popular than retail apps. It also revealed that Amazon is the most visited retail site on the mobile web.”

Social Media News

GigaOM: Kony2012: new media success story or cautionary tale?  —  If it isn’t the most viral social media effort in recent memory, the Kony2012 campaign — launched last week by Invisible Children to spotlight atrocities by Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony — has to be a close second


Mashable: Facebook Now Has 3,000 Timeline Apps, Adds The Onion and Vevo – “Since Facebook‘s Open Graph became available just two months ago to Timeline apps, the social network has added nearly 3,000 of such apps, the company announced Monday at SXSW. Facebook added a slew of new apps today as well, including Foursquare, The Onion, Vevo, Nike and more.” Mobile Apps: Strategic Imperative Or Costly Novelty? – “Apps are all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise marketers are looking toward them as a better means of engaging the increasingly mobile customer. But is an app right for your brand strategy? And if you decide to go that route, how can you be sure you’ve developed the right one?”


Mashable: Every Awesome Moment You Missed at SXSW [PICS]


techPresident: Yes They Can: What Voters Have Lost and Campaigns Have Gained From 2008 to 2012 – Is the Internet empowering voters as much as it did in 2004 and 2008? Or have campaigns regained the upper hand, with their sophisticated use of data-mining? That was the question we debated Sunday afternoon in Austin, at the annual South by Southwest Interactive conference. Apps for the Environment: Lessons Learned – “This document describes EPA’s process and lessons learned in conducting the Apps for the Environment Challenge. It is intended for government agencies that are considering using a challenge to encourage software developers to make apps, and it could be useful to other parties as well. EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI) is willing to meet with people to discuss these topics in more detail.”


Mashable: How to Track Traffic From Pinterest in Google Analytics – “But how many referrals does Pinterest generate? Are those visits valuable? Do they convert? Are they engaged? How many people use the “pin it” button on a site? Which pictures on a site are the most pinned and repinned? Here are four ways to measure Pinterest using Google Analytics.”

Social Media News Slide Show: Key Findings From The SoDA Report: 2012 – “The fourth annual SoDA Report offers an array of perspectives and insights from some of the most influential thinkers in the digital-marketing world. For example, the findings provide evidence of the conservative yet steady growth of digital-marketing spend, including social-media activities and explosive growth of inbound marketing—suggesting ongoing agency relationship changes and increased demand for digital talent. And that’s just for starters.”


Mashable: The Radical Growth of the App Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]


EContent: Getting Gamified: Publishers Score Big With Online Games – “As acceptance of and familiarity with game mechanisms within online social networks and on entertainment sites increase, games are popping up on once-static web properties as a means of captivating audiences, enhancing market research, and stimulating conversation between companies and customers.”


Mashable: How to Defeat the Social Media Skeptics in Your Company – “For those trying to get a social media campaign going in their company, they’ll often have to deal with naysayers that question the value. Former Kodak CMO Jeff Hayzlett says dealing with the non-believer is all part of “running the gauntlet.” He believes it so strongly that he even wrote a book with the same title that promises to teach people how to push forward with their social media dreams.”


Slashgear: AOL kills Instant Messenger – Likely the very first non-email application you ever used to speak with your friends and relatives is about to be shut down for good, AOL Instant Messanger, aka AIM, has been all but slashed entirely from the AOL family.


Mashable: AIM: AOL Instant Messenger Isn’t Dead … Yet – “AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM, is alive and well — for now, at least. Despite laying off nearly all its AIM developers Tuesday, AOL says it has no plans to kill off the 15-year old instant messaging service.”


techPresident: The White House’s First 40 Days – “Brook Colangelo, the Chief Information Officer of the Executive Office of the President, realized shortly after President Obama’s inauguration that the current IT assets “were in pretty bad shape.” ComputerWorld reports  on Colangelo’s realization that early in his tenure at the White House that over 82% of “White House’s technology had reached the end of life.” Among a myriad of other tech problems, within the first 40 days the administration’s email was down 23% of the time. In the article, Colangelo describes a number of particularly difficult events during his tenure as CIO, but many ended with positive outcomes that would help to alleviate future issues.”

Social Media News

Mashable: How to Track Your Website’s Content on Pinterest – “Pinterest is now one of the most efficient traffic sources, in some cases even surpassing networks like Twitter. Naturally, a lot of social media marketers are embracing Pinterest to increase social media reach and to drive traffic to their sites. In order to track what is being pinned from your site, and to engage with those pins further, try funneling that Pinterest content into a handy RSS feed.”


Wall Street Journal: Google Gives Search a Refresh  —  Google Inc. is giving its tried-and-true Web-search formula a makeover as it tries to fix the shortcomings of today’s technology and maintain its dominant market share.  —  Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links.


Mashable: SXSWi Award Winners Include Pinterest, Storify and a Few Surprises [PICS]


Brian Solis: Social media is about social science not technology – Unfortunately in new media, we tend to put technology ahead of people. Think about your current social media, mobile, or web strategy for a moment. Do you even know who you’re trying to reach? Do you know what customers or stakeholders expect or the challenges they face? Are you familiar with how they connect and communicate and why? Lastly, do you understand the journey they take to make decisions?


Mashable: YouTube ‘Suggested Videos’ Now Favor Longest-Watched – “YouTube has altered its suggested videos algorithm to favor videos that are watched for the longest periods of time. Previously, suggested videos — which appear as related videos on watch pages, or recommended videos elsewhere on — were served up based on the number of people who clicked on those videos. Now, YouTube videos that trigger the longest viewing times will be prioritized.”


AllThings D:Exclusive: Kevin Rose Will Join Google – “Digg founder Kevin Rose has been hired by Google, according to sources close to the situation. Rose’s mobile app incubator Milk yesterday announced it was shutting down its only product, Oink.”


The Atlantic OnlineHow Frictionless Sharing Could Undermine Your Legal Right to Privacy  —  You might not think about the Fourth Amendment while you’re using Facebook and other online tools, but you probably should.  —  You are no doubt familiar, now, with Facebook’s concept of “frictionless sharing.”


Mashable: Pinterest’s First Investor Explains the Secret to the Startup’s Success – ““I was Pinterest’s first investor.” That’s a sentence I bet you wish you could say. Here at SXSW, I find myself sitting opposite angel investor Brian Cohen who happily owns that distinction. In other words, he found, as he calls them, a couple of young guys from NYU (Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp) at a business plan competition where angel investors “forage for new opportunities.” The rest is startup legend.”

Social Media News

techPresident: What Does “Open Government” Even Mean Anymore? – “In a paper published earlier this week, Harlan Yu and David G. Robinson assert that the phrase “open government,” which used to mean government transparency — as in, revealing the internal functions and decision-making of government — has come to also mean increasing access to data that may not have anything to do at all with transparency:”


Mashable: How To Hire a Great Developer [FLOW CHART] – “If you’re just foraying into the land of entrepreneurship, you may wonder where the to even start looking for such a person. And even if you do find a developer, how will you know the extent of his talent and whether he’s a good fit for you?”


techPresident: Slashdot Founder Rob Malda Joins Washington Post  – “Rob Malda — known to millions as CmdrTaco, the founder and for 14 years chief cat-herder of the tech community and news aggregation site Slashdot — has taken a job at the Washington Post’s “WaPo Labs,” he announced today:”


Mashable: 10 Strategies for Non-Profits on Pinterest – “Here are 10 tips from non-profits that are currently using Pinterest. With these suggestions in your back pocket, your own organization can further (or even reinvent) its image in no time.”


Fast Company: Bloomberg Expanding Tech Coverage  —  The financial news giant is launching a tech vertical, several new blogs, and creating original video content.  — The crowded tech news scene will become even more crowded this week—Bloomberg has announced a major overhaul of their tech coverage.


Mashable: How to Take Your PR Pitches to the Next Level – “If you work in PR, here are some innovative ways to improve your pitches and hopefully, help you nab some buzz. Of course, the best way to generate buzz is to pair an excellent, tailored pitch with a stellar product.”


Poynter: PEJ: Newspapers are losing $7 in print revenue for every $1 in digital gained  — Revenue is just one of the problems facing American newspapers, says a new Project for Excellence in Journalism study.  


Mashable: How the U.S. Military Shares Its Rich History With Facebook Timeline – “The Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard  have spent weeks preparing their individual Facebook Pages for the switch over to Timeline. Each branch has filled its Page with centuries worth of history, photos and interesting facts.The Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard  have spent weeks preparing their individual Facebook Pages for the switch over to Timeline. Each branch has filled its Page with centuries worth of history, photos and interesting facts.”


Chris Vos Show: Google+ vs Facebook Feature Comparison Infographic

Social Media News

Mashable: U.S. Offers Food Safety Alerts on Twitter, State by State [VIDEO] – “The next time the U.S. government issues a food safety alert, you might hear about it straight from the horse’s mouth — on Twitter. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection serviced just launched Twitter accounts for specific states that can share news of recalls on poultry, meat and other food products for those specific regions.”


Amex OpenForum: Connecting You to the People You Should Know – “Shortly after its beta launch, Sumazi was chosen as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield, where it won the Omidyar Network award for the startup “Most Likely to Change the World.” “We got an awesome reaction and our first angel investor, Christina Brodbeck, was on the founding team at YouTube,” says Kazi.”


Mashable: 5 Huge Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore – “I don’t pretend to know the future. But the decisions and products of Apple, Amazon and other innovators will affect how we live in the years to come. As we anticipate our connected, Minority Report-style future, here are five big marketing ideas to embrace now to get ahead of the curve.”


techPresident: A Political Geek’s Guide To South by Southwest – “Many of the movers and shakers who are changing the business of governing will speak at SXSW this year. And there’ll be other intriguing panels on the origins of Anonymous, what it was like to live-tweet Osama Bin Laden’s death, how 21st century tools are undermining traditional forms of power, and how “slactivism” can be turned into “activism,” among other things. Here’s a political geek’s guide to SXSW.”


Mashable: 10 Google Search Tricks You Might Not Know – “To improve your search experience, utilize this list of features to help refine what you’re looking for. We’ve collected 10 quick Google tricks that you might’ve not known existed.”


techPresident: Issa’s Brain: What the Congressman Said During a Reddit Q&A – Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has been answering questions on Reddit today, particularly in his capacity as a member of the House Judiciary Committee where he has been outspoken against SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. In his introduction to the community, he called himself an “Internet defender and techie.” Which led nearly immediately to questions about his support of the Research Works Act. Here’s a look at what Issa said during his visit to Reddit.


Mashable: Social Media Privacy: 3 Questions to Ask Before Authorizing Third-Party Apps – “But increasingly, the privacy conversation has widened to ask what apps are doing with the permissions they request, and how the information is actually being used. In order to understand what is actually happening with user data, we need to answer three separate questions.”


Govloop: WordPress for Government – A Problem of Perception – “Over the past several years WordPress’s market share has enjoyed explosive growth across virtually every industry. Today, it powers nearly a quarter of new sites, and is the CMS of choice for more than two thirds of the top-million sites  on the web making it the world’s most popular publishing platform by a long shot. Yet one group of seemingly ideal users has been slow to take the former blogging platform seriously: .Govs.”


Mashable: New Site Helps You Control Google Search Results for Your Name – “Potential employers, clients and dates are all Googling your name. BrandYourself, a new website launching Thursday, helps make sure they find what you want them to. The website guides you in search optimizing the links you want to push up in Google results for your name.” 8 Valuable Approaches To Optimizing Your Tablet Strategy – “Here’s why: Consumer engagement is comprised of an interconnected series of interactions across devices and channels. Your customers expect you to recognize them, show them products and services for which they have an affinity, and allow them to have a continuous shopping experience regardless of whether they are on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Following are eight ways to optimize your tablet strategy:”

Mashable: LinkedIn Announces Women-Only ‘DevelopHer’ Hackday – “Scheduled for June 30 and July 1 in Mountain View, Calif., LinkedIn’s 24-hour event is open  to students, enthusiasts and professionals. The company has created a DevelopHer Hackday LinkedIn Group where people can pitch ideas to other participants and build groups for the contest.”

Social Media News

MarketingProfs: How to Create an Actionable Marketing Dashboard (and Why You Need One) – “To be truly accountable, marketing professionals need to periodically report on their performance and contribution. You are probably thinking, “We are reporting. We provide project status updates and use the reports generated by our marketing automation platform (MAP) and our customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) platforms.”


Mashable: 5 Social Media Campaigns Rocking International Women’s Day – “We’ve rounded up some of the dynamic campaigns happening online, with the hopes of empowering women all over the world. Read about these five campaigns and tell us what you think of their efforts. Let us know in the comments if we missed any cool social efforts.”


Forbes: Convergence Is The Future Of Marketing – “Fragmentation is the new norm. Systems of the past aren’t the systems of the future. While the new thing is social media, you can’t breakout and beat your competition simply by focusing on Facebook and Twitter. Social is certainly one important part. The edge, however, is the complete opposite of the traditional advertising industry.”


Mashable: Check Out The First Ad for the New iPad [VIDEO]


Digital Book WorldThe Shiny New iPad: What it Means for Publishers  —  Apple’s announcement of the new iPad received a lot of attention today, but what does it mean for your business?


Fast Company: How To Market To Consumers With Social-Media ADD – “The most universal factor in marketing today is that consumers are busier than ever and their attention more taxed. While Esther Dyson points out that attention is not truly fungible, it serves as an outstanding macro indicator of today’s changes in consumer behavior. And any imbalance of this magnitude invariably results in a correction.”


Nielson Wire: Buzz in the Blogosphere: Millions More Bloggers and Blog Readers – “Blogs are sometimes overlooked as a significant source of online buzz in comparison to social networking sites, yet consumer interest in blogs keeps growing. By the end of 2011, NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company, tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, up from 36 million only five years earlier in 2006.”


Wall Street Journal: Financing to Value Instagram at $500 Million – “Instagram is poised to raise a new round of financing that will value the popular photo-sharing application at as much as $500 million, people familiar with the matter said, despite some skepticism that the fast-growing company will find a way to make money. The potential new valuation—roughly 20 times what the fast-growing company was worth around a year ago—highlights the promise and pitfalls of technology start-ups that have built their business around users of mobile devices, such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone.”


eMarketer: More-Interactive Display Formats See Higher Engagement, Dwell Rates – “While the standard banner may be increasingly seen as an underperforming display format, research indicates other, potentially more intrusive formats will help advertisers see higher engagement in return for their efforts.”