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The nine tribes of the internet


Here are a few suggestions that will go a long way.

1. Get a Facebook account and register your blog at Facebook’s Networked Blogs page. You can encourage other Facebook users to share your blog posts.

2. Use Google’s webmaster tools to ensure that Google will spider and list your blog.

3. Have Facebook, Twitter and other social networking options on your website.

4. Use tags and descriptive titles for your page header. Search engines love lots of dialogue.

5. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your blog. Then invite your Facebook friends to become fans. Be careful how you choose to classify it. When you have 25+ fans, you can go to to choose a shortened username for the fan page.

Social Media and the Church

Social media includes and is not limited to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and blogs, among others.

Social media is about relationships, and connections and the ever evolving communications tool continually being invented.

Where does the church fit in?

The printing press that was used to print your Bible, to the laptop computer and the cell phone can be used for excellent ventures or immorality.

For the Gospel to be heard it has to be communicated. The Church needs go to the community.

People are spending more and more of their time on Facebook and Twitter.

Awaken the Christian Church to the fact that people are indeed on the Web in increasing numbers and spending more of their time there.

Whether you like it or not, it is happening.

We have a historic opportunity.

  • Will the Church, find ways to impact their communities through this tool called the Internet?  
  • Will we get out of our comfort zones?

My prayer is that we will.

Twitter in Church during the Sermon

Twitter is a remarkable means to gain more mainstream attraction.  It is important the churches get ready to Twitter.

Here are some huge ideas you can use for your church communiqué pains:

  • Big Events: Every time something awesome happens in church you can tell the world about it! You can easily keep your congregation or church members informed and invite others in a really cool way.
  • Concerns: be cautious on what particulars you provide, you can ask your Twitter followers to pray for someone or need — or a special thought for the day can be uplifting.
  • Worship Services: One congregation encouraged its members to Twitter during the service and sermon. Evangelism? Why not let people know you have a special message this Sunday that will in bold them or nurture them.

The truth is you are in the process of creating stronger relationships in your church!

Get started  today!

Twitter in Plain English