What is Leiturgia WordPress?

Leiturgia uses WordPress which is a fully-featured website building platform that makes creating and maintaining a professional looking and functional website easy!

We provide your site hosting, domain name, and a large selection of templates to choose from. Our CMS (content management system) is browser based, so there’s no downloads required, and you can log in to manage your site from anywhere at any time.

Is it easy to manage?

Leiturgia WordPress provides a wide variety of professional site templates, which you can customize with your own color scheme, logo, personalized images and content to create a look and feel that matches your organization. Our unique Site Updating Tool makes it possible to enter your text and upload photos to the web in minutes, just as easily as using a standard word processor program.

How much does it cost?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a web developer to build a difficult-to-update custom site, you can get started with Leiturgia WordPress for as little as $5 a month. Instead of wasting hours writing code or fiddling with finicky HTML editors, you can have your site up and running in just a few minutes. Signup in two easy steps. Signup now!

Does it have the features I need?

Our software comes with all the tools you need to maintain a powerful, modern website. These include features such as a robust online calendar, online audio and video streaming, automatically generated podcast, file download libraries, online event registration, photo galleries, and much more. You can also create your own custom content with tools such as our Form & Questionnaire Builder, poll manager, Events Registration Dashboard, PayPal shopping cart, Google Maps, Google Calendar and many more features.

What about search engine optimization

Your Leiturgia WordPress site comes with built-in tools to ensure that your site is listed and discoverable with the major search engines. This includes features such as submission of your site to the search engine databases, automatically updated Google site maps, full control over your meta tags and page titles, and robust visitor data tracking.

Am I limited in how many pages I can create?

All of our site packages include an unlimited number of custom web pages, so your site can become as large as you need it to be.

We also provide unlimited expansion through our unique sub-site structure, which allows you to maintain a separate and distinct presence for different branches of your organization. Each sub-site can have shared features and information with your main site, or it can have its own unique template, user accounts, separate calendars and other data, and even its own unique domain name.

How many user accounts can I have?

Leiturgia WordPress websites can have as many users as needed, and each user can be assigned a specific level of permission. You can assign multiple administrators who are each responsible for their own portion of the website. You can also create standard user accounts, so that your members can sign-up and gain special perks or access to private web pages.

How much does tech support cost?

Leiturgia WordPress provides live tech support at no added cost. Our support staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help you with any question you may have, no matter how large or small. We can help walk you through the process of setting up your site, and we are always happy to hear your suggestions for how Leiturgia WordPress could become even better.

Will my site receive new upgrades when they become available?

We are constantly listening to customer feedback and working to add new and better features to make sure that Finalweb can meet all of your organization’s online needs. New templates and being produced constantly, and exist templates are given added customizability to ensure that you can always find a look and feel that matches what you want your online presence to be. The best part is that there is never any added cost for these upgrades!