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Church website content that is a must.

Visitors’ page

 It will save them trawling through pages of information to piece together the bits they want and it will make them feel special and welcomed.

Explanation of the Christian faith

Let people know what the church believes, in simple jargon-free language.

Sunday services

Every church website should contain basic information about the Sunday services.

How to find you

Show where you are so that people can come and find you!

Contact details

It is easy to provide contact details for your church minister and church office

Affordable and Simple

Simple  and  Affordable

Create web pages, capture news, post sermons online, offer podcasts, and blog online. Our services are perfect for churches who want to reach people using all means available for generations to come.

Friendly and Flexible

Enjoy warm smiles and helping hands from real people. We’re friendly, easily accessible (in person), and invested in making this the best solution for you.

Low Cost

Save thousands in setup and design fees. We’ve been around a long time; we know how to keep costs down. The more churches that participate, means reduced overhead for everyone!


Getting setup online is fast and easy. We make it simple so your church can focus on other things you’re called to do. 

Ease of Use 

Access the site from anywhere in the world, instantly making changes live. From the mission field in South America to the coffee shop down the street, you can reach people in real time. 


Choose from all the latest  tools: blogs, photo galleries, audio sermons, podcasts and many, many more. As technology advances, so does your website; but simply and affordably. 


Choose the look of your site and integrate it with the message of your church. You get endless design choices and color combinations to create the look and functionality you need.