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Social Media News – 60 Minutes

Mashable: 60 Minutes to a More Efficient Social Business Strategy – “This 60-minute audit is different from a full social business audit. You’re not looking deeply at goals, competitors, engagement rates, campaign efficiency, or ROI. The purpose of this is to address the kind of company maintenance issues that often get pushed off into the distance and are then forgotten. Addressing these small issues should help you build a better, more effective, and well branded social media presence. Here’s what you should cover.”


ZDnet: Five ways companies use social media and look like jerks – There are two main aspects to every business. The first is the essence of what the business does, the products it makes, the services it performs, the processes necessary to make those things happen. The other aspect is, well, everything else — everything from employment policies to marketing to company culture to social media.


Mashable: Mobile Advertising: 5 DIY Tips for Small Businesses – “Going mobile makes sense now more than ever. According to a recent Borrell Associates Inc. survey, 48% of SMBs said they are “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to incorporate mobile into their advertising spending this year. Yet, navigating the self-service market can be tricky. Here are five tips on what to consider as you make that decision.”


techPresident: Using Google Maps? You May Be Looking at a Home-Made Map – Google Earth is now using 45 maps from the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, the group announced in an e-mail. The Public Laboratory is a community which develops and applies open-source tools to environmental exploration and investigation. This includes what they call “grassroots mapping” — using relatively low-cost tools like helium balloons and Flip cameras to create satellite imagery independent of big institutions or the government, which made a high-profile appearance along the Gulf Coast after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Mashable: Google Adds a ‘Share’ Button for Google+ – “When your visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1),” Google+ product manager Rick Borovoy wrote in a blog post introducing the new feature. “Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away. Today’s new Google+ Share button lets you do just that.”


ZDNet: Can Motorola Mobility’s Webtop bail out Google’s Chromebook? – Google may have this Chromebook thing all wrong. Luckily, Motorola Mobility, soon to be owned by Google, may have a better solution. It’s quite possible that Google’s Android plus Motorola Mobility’s Webtop solves the search giant’s Chromebook conundrum. TechRepublic’s Jason Hiner, writing on CNET News, provided an in-depth back story to Motorola Mobility’s Webtop.

Social Media News – Stumble Upon

Mashable: StumbleUpon Hits 25 Million Users — And is Gaining 1 Million a Month – “StumbleUpon passed the 25 million user mark earlier this week — that’s about one million users every month since it announced it had reached 20 million users in October.”


Washington Post: Obama targets foreign nationals’ use of new technologies in human rights abuses – President Obama issued an executive order Monday that will allow U.S. officials for the first time to impose sanctions against foreign nationals found to have used new technologies, from cellphone tracking to Internet monitoring, to help carry out grave human rights abuses. Social media and cellphone technology have been widely credited with helping democracy advocates organize against autocratic governments and better expose rights violations, most notably over the past year and a half in the Middle East and North Africa.


Mashable: Klout Ranks the Time 100: Guess Who’s #1? – “President Obama may be enormously influential in the real world, but when it comes to online influence, he’s got nothing on Justin Bieber — at least according to Klout.”


MarketingProfs: P.S. Five Tips to Increase Email Click-Through Rates – Why email marketers should use post scripts in their messages and five ways to create powerful email post scripts.


Mashable: Watch Out, Dropbox! Microsoft Updates SkyDrive, Offers Up To 100GB Storage – “Microsoft announced an update to its SkyDrive service Monday. Among other features, Microsoft integrated the drive into Windows Explorer and Apple’s Finder so the drive works as an extension of your desktop, and added the ability to access files stored on your drive from the iPad as well as the iPhone and Windows Phone.”


Royal Pingdom: Current status of the “Browser Wars” — In this report we will examine the current status of what is often referred to as the “Browser Wars.” How popular are the various web browsers around the world right now? As you’ll see, there are significant regional differences in web browser usage.

Social Media News

Mashable: How to Develop Customer Evangelists – “With a critical mass of evangelists, you can succeed in unimaginable ways. Companies like Apple and Amazon are proof of this. Netflix also enjoys evangelists (Remember how evangelists are forgiving? If they weren’t, Netflix would be out of business). So, if you want to develop the kind of evangelists that stick by your side through thick and thin, here are three critical steps.”


techPresident: In Mortgage-Debt Fight, Activists Look Online to Get the White House Involved – A We the People petition calling on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to issue principal reductions for underwater homeowners — and for the head of the regulatory agency overseeing them to allow it or to “step aside” — has reached the 25,000 signature threshold at which the White House promises to respond.


Mashable: Why Apple’s CEO Is Right About ‘Refrigerator-Toasters’ — and Laptop-Tablets – “Answering a question about whether an Apple tablet-laptop hybrid is inevitable, Cook said convergence shouldn’t be done for convergence’s sake. Then, to illustrate his point, Cook appeared to take the first two kitchen appliances that popped into his head.”


GigaOM: Should the NYT charge for early access to the news? — The New York Times recently ran an exclusive exposé about Walmart and bribery allegations in Mexico, a story that helped to shave about $16 billion from the retailing giant’s market value over the past few days.


Mashable: How Social Media Is Changing Sports [INFOGRAPHIC] How To Turn Your Digital Thought Leadership Into Business Development – “You made the move. You invested heavily to put your thought leadership online. Now you’re wondering what happened to all of the cost savings and audience growth you were promised. Don’t blame digital.”


MarketingProfs: ‘Customer Experience’ Is the Catchphrase for 2012 – “Customer experience is about meeting customer needs, about choosing and using certain words, about aligning touch points, and about creating relationships. To create a memorable and fulfilling customer experience, you need to get into the weeds to understand what customers want and expect, and then deliver that. The ultimate goal is to inspire loyalty.”


Los Angeles Times: FCC wants to put political ad data online; broadcasters balk – Even though such information is already technically public, broadcasters fear that putting that level of detail on the Internet will undermine their own businesses.


techPresident: New America Foundation Scales Up Open Technology Efforts The New America Foundation today announced the launch of the Open Technology Institute, billed as a center for impartial research, open discourse, innovative fieldwork, and new tech development related to the issues of Internet freedom and open technology. It’s a scaling-up of the foundation’s Open Technology Initiative, which did more or less the same thing.

Social Media News

Mashable: Is The Race For the White House Being Fought on Wikipedia? [INFOGRAPHIC]


techPresident: Obama: Network Disruption in Syria, Iran, Facilitates Human Rights Abuse – In an executive order signed Sunday and released by the White House on Monday as President Barack Obama spoke at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C., the president called for financial restrictions on entities involved in the disruption, monitoring, or tracking of computers and networks by the Syrian or Iranian governments.


Mashable: How Does Google Drive Compare to the Competition? – “Now that Google Drive is finally a reality, how does it stack up against the cloud competition?”


MarketingProfs: Why Branding Matters: Stand Out From the Rest of the Herd – “To understand the elements of small-business branding, you first need to know why it’s essential to a company’s success.”


Mashable: 9 Things Businesses Need to Know About Web Security – “Since the cost is so low, the risk is so slim, and the scale has the potential to be so large, SMBs have become an easy target for attackers. This is why all small businesses should know why they’re attacked, how they’re attacked, and the steps they can take to protect their property.”


Mashable: 7 Tips for Women in the Tech Industry – “I asked a panel of successful young female entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, what challenges women in tech face, and what could help eliminate some of those barriers? Here’s what they shared.”


Mashable: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Gamified Community Motivated – “If you’ve done your homework and found that gamification is right for your business, the next step is enticing your community to become deeply involved. Here are four tips to get you started.” Trust in “People Like Me” – “Trust in government fell dramatically around the globe, according to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer. The good news: by putting employees out in front to connect with customers, government can quickly begin to rebuild trust. The bright spot of the survey this year is the rise of trust in a “person like me” and “regular employees.” People like to talk to people like themselves.”


Mashable: 5 Food Brands Building Social Buzz on a Budget – “In reality, there are several standout social media marketing tactics that can mobilize an enthusiastic audience while remaining cost effective, and the food industry has consistently been a leader in this department.”


MarketingProfs: Five Key Elements of an Effective Online Video [Video]

Social Media News

PR Daily News Feed: How four brands manage their wildly successful Facebook pages – Social media managers dream of having an audience of millions.  We think of how amazing it would be to have legions of engaged fans commenting, liking and sharing our brilliant posts while sitting back and watching the fan base swell.


Health Care News Feed: 3 reasons why blogging scares hospital communicators – One of the best ways to create leadership and develop a national reputation is to develop an external blog.  Yet only 149 of the nation’s more than 5,700 registered hospitals have a corporate blog.


Mashable: 7 Big Privacy Concerns for New Facebook and the Open Graph – “Here are seven things you may not realize that Facebook knows, and is using to interact with your friends or advertisers. Concerned about what you share on the social network? Be sure to check the Apps You Use in the Privacy Tab to ensure that you have full control of your privacy in a way that makes you feel comfortable.”

Beyond the Arc: Make Your Facebook Page Engaging – To find out what strategies are most effective at maximizing engagement, BEYOND the ARC analyzed posts on the American Express Facebook Wall.  Key takeaways include:

  • Address what people care about
  • Allow people to show off exciting things they have done
  • Appeal to people’s aspiration self such as through charitable cause or community event.


Health Care News Feed: AP updates social media guidelines: 5 takeaways for PR pros – From friending and following to interacting with @ tweets, here are the things PR pros should know about the new guidelines.


Mashable: How the Peace Corps is Building a Community of Volunteers Online – “For that reason, fragmentation is a daily struggle for Burman’s online efforts at the NPCA. Volunteers often make their own niche groups or communities around their personal profiles or interests. There are online groups for black volunteers, blind volunteers and volunteers interested in fair trade coffee issues or water access issues. The NPCA makes it a point to celebrate these user-created groups while simultaneously tying them to the larger Peace Corps online community. Burman’s team has a presence on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, and the NPCA is always looking for new ways to get volunteers back in the fold.”


Mobile Commerce Daily: Best Mobile Retail Apps Of 2011 – From Walmart to Five Guys Burgers & Fries, take a look at 10 examples of noteworthy application created to improve the shopping experience and cultivate loyal customers.


Mashable: YouTube CEO: The Future of Content Is Niche Channels – “People have specific interests in a variety of topics — say, yoga and stand-up surfing — but it’s difficult to find a continuous stream of video content catered to those interests, Kamangar contends. YouTube is looking to bridge that void by developing channels that are more topically specific and interactive than what viewers are currently able to find through traditional, one-way broadcasting channels. The online video network has invested $100 million in developing premium content channels catering to subjects such as business news, food, dance, education, pets, fashion and fitness.”


Health Care News Feed: Hospital marketing campaign gets trendy with ‘hand hearts’ – Who would have thought that musicians Justin Bieber and taylor Swift would help in a hospital’s social media strategy?


RWWBlogging Declines Across the Inc. 500 – A new longitudinal study at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth focusing on the online activities of the Inc. 500 has found a huge drop in the number of companies maintaining corporate blogs over the past year. The UMass researchers, under the direction of Nora Barnes, has been following this group for several years. Only 37% of those interviewed had a corporate blog last year, down from half of those interviewed in 2010.


Mashable: NASA Launches Facebook Game to Test Space Program Knowledge – “NASA has launched a multi-player Facebook game to test just that. Space Race Blastoff  poses a series of surprisingly tough questions — for example, who launched the first liquid-fueled rocket? — that cover a range of space-related topics including history, technology and science. There’s even a pop culture category.”


techPresident: For Americans Overseas, Easier Than Ever to Cast a Vote – “My colleague Miranda Neubauer noted in today’s First POST that Americans abroad stand to have a bigger influence in the 2012 election in large part in due to technology, as the International Herald Tribune reports.”


iMedia Connection: A Marketer’s Guide To Engaging The Tablet User – “There is no one-size-fits-all solution to mobile computing. Marketers who create an adaptable, user-led strategy will position themselves to provide engaging tablet experiences to their customers today while preparing themselves for the next big thing.”


Mashable: Why Context Is King in the Future of Digital Marketing – “Since data, devices, and content just keep multiplying, how can we marketers help consumers make sense of the world? By going back to basics, and returning to context. Behavioral targeting is certainly valuable. Knowing what a prospective customer has recently read, browsed, watched, and bought online is definitely useful. But all it illuminates is past behavior.”


iMedia Connection: 3 outdated metrics you’re still using – “Traditional measurement tools, such as impression, post-impression attribution, and click-through rate (CTR), handicap marketing managers and force upon them campaign measurement tactics that should have long been abandoned.”


Mashable: 8 Things You Should Know Before Building a Mobile App – “Here’s (almost) everything you need to know before you get started on your own app — and what I wish I knew before I got into the game.”


The Atlantic: Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide – “The Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable, in other words, would be overly long. It would contain stale information. It would #totally #overuse #hashtags. It would be excessively personal. It would be aggressively mundane. It would be whiny.”


BostInnoBest Practices for Posting Across Social Networks – “For every brand, business, and marketer, an important step involves evaluating prospective channels as conversation platforms.  This process can be confusing, sometimes frustrating. How do you accommodate the different “personalities” of each social media network?”


Mashable: 5 Privacy Tips for Location-Based Services The year 2012 is certain to reflect U.S. consumers’ continued love affair with sophisticated smartphones and tablets, including their ability to run mobile apps using wireless location-based services (LBS).


Mashable: HootSuite Now Ties in Digg, InboxQ and Trendspottr Social media management dashboard HootSuite is adding three apps to its App Directory and releasing its Engagement API.


Pew Internet: Why most Facebook users get more than they give


Mashable: Twitter Rolls Out Expanded Brand Pages for More Companies  Introducing Facebook-style brand pages for companies to customize and highlight content.

Facebook Changes and Social Media News

Mashable: Facebook Finally Lets Page Admins Schedule Posts, Have Different Roles

Third-party apps like HootSuite just got a little less relevant with an update from Facebook that lets Page admins schedule posts. A new help center page from Facebook also outlines how brand pages can now dole out specific duties to multiple page admins, each with varying degrees of permissions.


The chart below outlines the new roles of manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst.


Mashable: How (RED) United the Social Web in the Fight Against AIDS – “In the non-profit’s short history, it has embraced what it means to be a distinctive brand in the social space. RED is the only non-profit with more than 1 million followers on both Twitter and Facebook, having more than 3 million followers on all platforms, including Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest and Myspace.”


Amex Open Forum: 7 Biggest Mistakes in E-Mail Marketing – “You probably aren’t expecting someone from Constant Contact to say e-mail is dead. Fair enough. And you are right: e-mail is definitely alive and well. However, you might hear differing opinions on the subject depending on which small business owner you talk to. This is because there are different approaches on how to best use e-mail to reach customers and prospects. In many ways, e-mail is dead for a lot of small businesses–not because of the tool, but because of the business’s approach.”


Mashable: Facebook Rolling Out ‘Trending Videos’ – “A new “trending videos” feature is being rolled out to some Facebook users, according to a report from TheNextWeb. Once you’ve got the new feature, it will auto-populate with videos your friends are watching on Facebook’s Open Graph apps.”


Mashable: The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram – “We’re here to share the Instagram basics, whether you’re new to the network or need some additional tips. Better hurry, though — Instagram has undergone such changes in the past few months, who knows what else is in store.”


Mashable: Women Are Bigger Fans of Social Media than Men, Survey Says – “More than 2,000 Brits were questioned for a survey commissioned by BT about the social media habits of men and women. The results showed that more than half of the women surveyed (54%) use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, compared to 34% of men. And of those social media users, more women than men reported they would miss those sites if the Internet ceased to exist.”


Branding Strategy Insider: Social Media Marketing Is An Oxymoron – “Marketing is not exactly a “social” activity. Often, it’s a rude interruption. Regardless, the term “social media marketing” is now firmly established in our current marketing lexicon. Many marketers continue to struggle with determining which discipline owns the social media effort within their organizations. Is it in the domain of advertising, PR, HR, IT? Social media, for all the attention it receives, is still largely a jump ball.”


Strategy+Business: Engagement Isn’t Enough – “As leaders, we often miss critical indicators that can improve the likelihood of organizational and personal success. Consider the ubiquitous employee satisfaction survey, which is usually administered once a year and, as long as the scores are respectable, crossed off the corporate must-do list. Typically, these surveys measure employee engagement levels. But that’s not enough. Employee energy and enablement are as essential to high levels of performance as engagement.” (registration required)


Mashable: Social Media Day Is June 30. How Will You Celebrate? – “On Saturday, June 30, digital enthusiasts will hold meetups across the globe to celebrate the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media. Whether you’re an obsessed Instagram photographer, an endless Pinterest pinner or a ten-times-an-hour tweeter, Social Media Day is a time to recognize the digital revolution that has changed how we live.”


Mashable: How to Get the Most Out of the New Bitly – “No longer a simple URL shortner, Bitly has expanded access to its data archive, improved discovery and introduced an entire redesign, so that you may more easily monitor your shortlink shares. However, “easily” may be a misnomer — reactions to Bitly’s new redesign have been lackluster. That’s why we’re here to sift through the confusion with an overview of the Bitly basics.”


Mashable: Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-By-Step Guide – “Facebook has started rolling out Promoted Posts for Brand Pages, a new feature that allows businesses to pay for posts to be more predominantly displayed on news feeds. Earlier this year, Facebook shared the statistic that a Brand Page’s content is only seen by 16% of the fans. Facebook’s slew of ad tools and these new Promoted Posts are geared to help businesses reach and engage more of their fan base. A brand can now pay $5, $10, $15 or $20 to “get more people who like your Page to see this post.”


Social Media Today: Should LinkedIn be considered a social media site? – “Remember LinkedIn? The forgotten middle child of the social media world, wedged between Facebook and Google+ – neglected, awkward, and always hitting people up for money. It’s always billed itself as being cut from a different cloth than its competitors; a social media site made for business, job seekers and recruiters alike, and could be used to forge connections with fellow colleagues in your field.”


Social Media Today: The 15 Minute Social Media Workout – “Investing your time in the most beneficial social media strategies can stimulate growth. However, most strategies out there require you to have an entire team of professionals dedicated to monitoring your social media presence.”


NY Times: Ads Give Shout-Outs to Customers by Name – “A new campaign offers a new angle on that by addressing individual consumers in ads that are running not in targeted media but in mainstream media, where everyone can see and hear them.”


Forbes: Are Tablets Becoming Mobile Televisions? – “Another very interesting finding from the report is the incredible success of in-stream mobile advertising, which is defined as “ads that appear in the context of a video, as a commercial break in full episodes or before videos clips, vs. more traditional online advertising.” According to the findings, in-stream video ads are out performing online ads by 31%.”

Social Media News

Mashable: Meet the Internet Hall of Fame Inductees, From Al Gore to Craigslist’s Founder – “A total of 33 visionaries will be among the first to be inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame in Geneva, Switzerland, from former Vice President Al Gore and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark to the inventor of email and the beloved “@” symbol, Ray Tomlinson.”


techPresident: Obama 2012 Hiring More Staffers To Manage Campaign Data – “Specifically, the campaign is creating an “Obama Field Tech Academy” to train new staffers to manage the volumes of information generated by the army of volunteers and get-out-the-vote efforts.”


Mashable: Valve’s Hilarious Employee Handbook Reveals Amusing Secrets [VIDEO] – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for game developer Valve? You might have thought the company was highly unconventional, but a peek inside its employee handbook gives you a better indication of just how deep that insouciant peculiarity goes within the organization.


SocialMediaToday: Creating a #Hashtag Campaign on Twitter – “Even the Obama administration scored a victory over the Republicans on the payroll tax debate. The administration invited people to tweet about what #40dollars means to them. The system’s utter simplicity makes it easy to get your hashtag campaign started. Here are some tips on how to get started.”

Community News

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Social Media

Mashable: How Google Searches the Entire Web in Half a Second [VIDEO]

Politico: Tech Firms Behaving Badly – “What’s Silicon Valley’s latest export? Try corporate misbehavior. In the past two weeks, Google has been spanked for obstructing federal regulators, Apple was slapped with a Justice Department suit for conspiring to drive up e-book prices and seven tech companies were told they’ll go on trial for allegedly colluding to stop employees from jumping from one to the other. It’s a major turn of events for an industry that once held itself up as a ‘don’t be evil’ alternative to old-school corporate greed.”

Social Media News

Mashable: Mesmerizing Visualization Maps Every Transportation Route on Earth [VIDEO]


AdAge: Click-Through Rates May Matter Even Less Than We Thought – “We already know that click-through rates on online display ads are abysmal. Now a study from the startup Pretarget and ComScore revealed that even when a user clicks on an ad, the correlation between that click and a conversion is virtually nonexistent.”


SocialMediaToday: Great Trends in Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]


MarketingProfs: How to Go B2B at Three Major Social Sites – “All social networking sites hold potential for B2B marketers, Kevin Murphy argues in a recent post at the Intel blog. Still, many companies seem to stick to LinkedIn as their main online social forum. The challenge, Murphy says, is to understand which features of other popular sites lend themselves to B2B networking—and to capitalize on them.”

SocialMediaToday: 10 Trends to Beat Digital Darwinism – “The truth is that you can create brand pages on every social network you can imagine and you won’t succeed unless you know whom you’re trying to reach and where, what it is they expect and value, and how these channels represent a meaningful opportunity for you and your consumers to connect. You first must answer what’s in it for them and what’s in it for you.”


Washington Post CISPA passes the House, privacy battle moves to Senate – The House passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) Thursday night, despite some controversy over how the bill addresses privacy and a threat of a veto from the White House. The measure, designed to make it easier for the federal government and private sector to share cyber threat data with each other, was approved by a 248-168 vote. Its supporters and opponents were quick to issue statements following passage of the bill, which now moves to the Senate. The Obama administration had issued a veto